Product-related belt design.

Conveyors with corrugated sidewall belts come into operation for the transport of small piece goods or bulk goods where a perfect lateral sealing is required.

The belt type with a lateral corrugated sidewall and the belt width are selected in correspondence with the product conditions as well as all other parts of the system and the belt can be equipped with carriers in the required height and division for the corresponding product.

By continuous adjustment of the belt speed, the conveyor capability can be matched to the product respectively to the output of upstream or downstream systems
Conveyors with corrugated sidewall belts are also available as Z-conveyors with special transfer items like hoppers or slides.

System’s design in stainless steel with a glass bead blasted surface conforms to the highest demands in hygiene and is optimally appropriated for wet cleaning. Additionally, a deflection with a quick clamp device to slacken the belt provides best cleaning conditions.

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