Packed at high speed and in hygienic conditions.

With the Loading system type V-G-E, products (e.g. sausages) can be separated at first, then grouped in a certain quantity and deposited into the packaging at the end.

Product infeed is done in larger quantities, either manually or automatically on customer‘s requirement. In a separate module, the products are singularized and further transported via an elevating conveyor. So, even sensitive products can be processed without affecting quality or appearance.
In the next step, the products are grouped in the required quantity and supplied to the robot on a provision belt, for being placed into the packaging. The format and the number of items per package can be preset individually. The complete Loading system is equipped with a switch and control system and can be operated via a user-friendly touch panel. Short-term changes or product changes can be carried out easily and the set-up and waiting times are reduced enormously. Like all other parts of the system, the Delta robot is manufactured in stainless steel.

The system was manufactured in hygienic design, this means that the machine is very easy to clean, without spending much time. Of course, the system fully complies with the applicable hygienic rules and is therefore optimally appropriated for the use in the food industry.

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