Precise loading and depositing...

…of products in trays.

Nowadays, trays are more important than ever in the food industry. That was our intention to further optimize our loading system type GS and to match it to the new requirements.

With this new generation of the type GS, also multi-layer loading is possible - either on top of each other or side by side.


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…of sausage pairs on plates

For some production processes it is necessary to deposit sausages, sausage pairs or lines with more sausages exactly on a plate. For example for "Landjaeger", a specialty in Southern Germany and Austria, which are pressed afterwards. That's another special version of our loading system type GS.

  Download the complete product sheet here

Functional description:

The sausages come into the machine and are therein taken over by a rotary device which is mounted in a 90° angle to the conveying direction and then deposits the sausages exactly into the tray or onto the plate. The trays or plates are provided on a cycling belt which can be equipped with buffers for empty or filled trays / plates if desired.

When the pre-set quantity has been loaded, the belt cycles to the next tray or plate and the process can start again.

Sausages which are faulty or too long are detected by sensors which make them go straight through the machine so that they are not deposited.

Each system is individually designed to the customer's requirements and matched to the product size, the quantity needed and the tray or plate measurements.

With its hygienic design, the system is optimally appropriate for wet cleaning and meets the highest requirements in hygiene and cleaning.


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