Feeding and portioning system for salad made from sausage or meat.

Transport belts are the linking elements between production machines and packaging. With our feeding and loading belts upstream to the strip cutter with coupled positioning system you can regulate a product change at the slicer. The feeding system to strip cutter consists of single belts and to close possibly emerging gaps, those belt speeds are a decisive factor.

Optimized linking ensures a continuous production flow which leads to a packaging process without any downtime at a large number of cycles and an increase in packaging performance.

The strip cutter is made in stainless steel and provides the precise portioning of sausage or cheese slices. It consists of two pieces of knife shafts running contrarily which can be completely removed for cleaning.
Product transfer to thermo former is effected by a positioning system with pneumatic outlet lid. The format can be specified by the customer. The swiveling hopper, the retaining tray and the lowering panel are out of pattern rolled stainless steel with Teflon coating and the frame as well is designed in stainless steel.

The system is equipped with stainless steel wire mesh doors and a safety switch to avoid dangers in handling.

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