The Singer all-in-one-package

We consider ourselves not only as your supplier – but also as your partner in the fiel of industrial food production.

Extensive documentation for each system

To keep up to date with our documentations and to provide our customers significant documents, our engineers constantly pass trainings and courses that deal with important items like conformity regulations, guidelines and safety requirements.

Every customer receives detailed operating instructions that contains more than just the description and the installation and service notes.

CE Declaration of Conformity


Generally, all our systems match the valid guidelines in Gernany respectively in the EU.
Furthermore, our electricians are optimally prepared to the requirements abroad.
If a system is shipped to e.g. the USA, the counting rules of the target country are also considered and the system’s control is matched to the applicable specifications.

Risk analysis
Our well-edudcated design engineers are able to make a risk analysis for every system delivered.

Especially in the food industry, it is very important that all installed components meet certain requirements – above all in the field of open, not packed products. For this reason, we exclusively use parts with the appropriate permissions; this applies all the more for all parts that get in touch with the product such as belts, plastic parts, scrapers etc..
In this case we als bring our suppliers in and expect the appropriate permissions for the parts installed.

Certified by HD Weihenstephan

Our design engineers have to be experts in the fields of food industry. That’s why they had an extensive training by HD Weihenstephan (Hygienic Design Weihenstephan) and at the end we could obtain the HD certificate for our systems.
That means that every system meets the highest requirements in cleaning and is designed for an easy and short-time cleaning process. For this reason, we use round pipes and half-open constructions and we try to avoid any spots where dirt can be trapped.
Therefore, all components such as screws, spindles etc. have to match the hygiene rules and have to be appropriate for the specific application.

So we are the first manufacturer in Germany who is allowed to decorate its systems with this certificate. We are talking about a “new generation” of conveyor belts that has been created.
As there are different applications in the food industry plants, we also offer different conveyor belts such as Clean Design or Hygienic Design. Those conveyor systems are always adapted individually to the given facts.

Co-operation with the VDMA – the association of the German engineers and plant manufacturers.

We have already joined the VDMA, the association mentioned above, many years before and since that time we trust in their long-term experience in the field of mechanical engineering.

An innovative strength and a prime quality are the outstanding characteristics of German engineering. For any profound questions, the association gives us advises and offers different possibilities to inform about the latest production trends and technologies.


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